We recognize that you have probably spent the majority of your adult life creating the nest egg needed for lifetime income during your retirement years. Now that you are near to retirement or are already in retirement, you don't want to see your hard-earned savings decrease or disappear - for two reasons.  First, you know the hard work and the number of years it took to accumulate the funds needed for retirement and second, you know you don't have the time to build it all over again.  Our philosophy is to help our clients safeguard their principal and create the potential to earn a higher rate of return than provided by other safe-money alternatives. At the same time, no one wants to put all their eggs in one basket - and with the prospect of inflation in the years to come, it makes sense in many cases to apply a portion of one's portfolio to the market.  We believe very strongly that applying a risk-management approach to market investing is an absolute must - as opposed to the traditional buy-and-hold methodology.