Our services include individual 401(k) investment management advice and rollovers to an IRA.

401(k) plans most often have many investment selections from which to choose.  Advisors associated with the plan may recommend a "pie-chart allocation" and a buy-and-hold philosophy.  Many plans simply present a list of options from which you must choose.  

Knowing which asset classes and sectors are currently in favor can make a significant difference - so much so, that you should not "eat the pie".  Asset classes and sectors fall in and out of favor - there are times when it's good to be in certain sectors and asset classes, and there's times when it's not.  A tactical approach utilizing relative strength analysis can provide guidance for 401(k) management. 

Capital Retirement Planning helps clients manage their 401(k) investment during their working years, and helps clients roll over their funds to suitable long-term investments at retirement or when changing jobs.  

Capital Retirement Planning, LLC markets its individualized 401(k) management services under the name of Capital 401(k) Advisory.Type your paragraph here.